The Top 25 Current Comments of 2006

From arts funding to gasoline prices to business taxes, the Mackinac Center’s daily Current Comment addresses public policy matters that affect Michigan residents in a variety of ways. Known as a "CC," this feature appears on our Web site every business day of the year, giving the Center a unique opportunity to examine issues from a free-market perspective that promotes limited government and personal liberty.

Below, we offer a list of the 25 Current Comments that generated the highest rates of traffic at our Web site among the articles posted in 2006. It should be noted that rankings were based on rough assumptions depending on when during the year a particular CC was posted, although most pieces listed below would appear on a list of top CCs under any set of reasonable assumptions. Please note that these are opinion pieces; we have excluded Current Comments that were primarily news-driven — for example, the weekly Michigan Education Digest, or the Center’s news releases.

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While the authors of individual CCs tend to get all the credit and recognition, the Mackinac Center would like to also mention those staffers who help copy edit the text that you read every day, making sure it is free from errors and easily understandable. Many thanks to Dale Anderson, Pat Benner, Steve Frick, LeAnn Hadley, Justin Marshall, Sharon Millerwise and Dan Montgomery for their time and effort in this important process.

1. "Gasoline Prices in Perspective," by Christina M. Kohn

2. "An Introduction to the Overton Window of Political Possibilities," by Nathan J. Russell

3. "Demography is Destiny," by Mr. Michael D. LaFaive and Dr. Michael J. Hicks

4. "How to Replace the SBT With Nothing," by Jack P. McHugh

5. "The Difference One Can Make," by Lawrence W. Reed and Benjamin D. Stafford

6. "Entertaining Art: To Tax or Not To Tax, That is the Question," by Michael D. LaFaive

7. "Federal Mogul: More Evidence that "Targeted Incentives" Don’t Work," by Michael D. LaFaive and Jack P. McHugh

8. "Who Pays for the Minimum Wage?" by Mark Steckbeck

9. "Wal-Mart Exposes Contradictions on the Left," by Jack P. McHugh

10. "Irony in Ironwood," by Ted P. O’Neil

11. "The Property Rights Fight Since Kelo," by Patrick J. Wright

12. "Jazzing Up Civil Society," by Bruce E. Walker and Michael D. LaFaive

13. "Proposal 5 and the Fine Print," by Kenneth M. Braun

14. "We’ve Only Just Begun?" by Ryan S. Olson

15. "Detroit Should Sell Tiger Stadium As Is," by Steven Thomas

16. "Government Golf: Unfair Competition Hurts Business, Taxpayers," by Michael D. LaFaive

17. "A Museum You Don’t Want to Miss," by Lawrence W. Reed

18. "Woe Be Gone, Taxpayers," by Bruce E. Walker

19. "Supporting Companies That Oppose Eminent Domain Abuse," by Lawrence W. Reed

20. "Change to Win What?" by Thomas W. Washburne

21. "Great Values, Great Movies," by Lawrence W. Reed

22. "An Alternative to Green Orthodoxy," by Diane S. Katz

23. "Earth Day in Michigan: Room to Celebrate," by Russ J. Harding

24. "State College Money Should Follow Students, Not Lobbyists," by Jack P. McHugh

25. "Parents Still Have an Option to Check Kids’ Safety," by Ryan S. Olson