Pursuing Cooperative Solutions in an Age of Political Food Fights

“May you live in interesting times,” the old curse says, and it seems to be in force this election year. The elites of both major political parties appear baffled as voters buck their agendas and flock to feel-good echo chambers that amplify and bounce their frustration back to them. Pollsters and pundits obsess over every candidate’s gaffe. It’s both fascinating and frightening to watch. 

But the pro-liberty community is in the habit of acting with purpose. In Michigan, the Mackinac Center network has adopted a bold commitment to a principled vision for our state and our culture. Mackinac Center supporters demand the right to take responsibility for their own affairs, relying on their families, friends, religious organizations and community associations to advance a vibrant, prosperous Michigan. Together, we build strong families and supportive communities. We reject the assumption that any government bureaucracy can deliver better solutions than can the creative energy of free people who are closest to a problem. We strive for self-reliance, innovation, and integrity. 

Join us. Or, if you’re already with us, step closer. Compare the steady effort of this movement to what firebrand politicking has wrought. In Michigan, we’ve lightened the tax burden on people and businesses, expanded the range of education options for children and eliminated the forced unionization of day care workers, graduate student research assistants, and in-home caregivers, among so many other accomplishments. We have carried the torch for individual liberty and civil society for more than 25 years, and that flame is burning brightly. The election cycle will tumble on, but the liberty movement stands fast. Thank you for your unwavering support, without which our achievements would not be possible. It is an honor to work with you.