What Heroes Might You and I Meet in 2015?

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This year brought us heroes like Miriam Chanski, the kindergarten teacher who fought back when the union refused to recognize her right-to-work request. Union officials even threatened to turn her name over to a collections agency. But Miriam turned around and charged the union with unfair labor practices — and the union backed down.

Then we met Adam Neuman, the high school civics teacher and war veteran who forced his school district and union to recognize right-to-work fully — not just in part. It was all about following his principles, Adam told us.

And how about Robert and Patricia Haynes, the Clinton Township couple who first exposed what came to be known as the SEIU “dues skim”?

Their willingness to come forward back in 2012 helped us figure out the skim, which helped us submit arguments to the U.S. Supreme Court in a similar case out of Illinois this year. The court ruled that arrangements like the one that forced the Haynes family to pay union dues are against the First Amendment.

There is one common thread among Miriam Chanski and Adam Neuman and Robert and Patricia Haynes.

They all came to the Mackinac Center for help — and we were able to help them only because of friends like you. You made all the difference.

Thank you for standing with us for the principles of limited government, individual liberty and free markets. Together we are putting these ideals into action in Michigan.

We know from the November elections that the people of our state want change. They want reforms that bring greater freedom and opportunity, like right-to-work, school choice and tax fairness.

With your continued support, the Mackinac Center will bring more big ideas to Michigan in the coming year, such as fixing underfunded pensions, corrections reform and enforcing merit pay for teachers.

What heroes might lead these charges?