This is Your Year for Peace of Mind

Did you know that if you do nothing about making a will or an estate plan that the government has one for you? It’s a PLAN BY DEFAULT. Government has no idea of your achievements, your faith, your principles, your ethics or your love of liberty and devotion to family. In this plan, your hard-earned assets can be unnecessarily taxed and heirs can be left with little or nothing.

I encourage you to create a PLAN BY DESIGN. The only way to make sure that your will or trust reflects your wishes is to design it yourself with competent legal counsel. Otherwise your legacy might become a windfall for government programs or new capital for center-left organizations.

Take the steps necessary to protect the future of your loved ones and help to build a stronger future for the charitable organizations you have supported during your lifetime.

If your current documents need updating or you are just beginning the process and need information from a trusted professional, please contact me for an upcoming Planning for Life workshop. Join the many who have gained the peace of mind that comes in knowing this important task has been accomplished.

To find out more information, please call Kristine Palosaari at (989) 698-1968 or e-mail