Board of Scholars Adds Four

The Mackinac Center is dedicated to producing high-quality policy research. To deliver and expand our research capabilities, the Center has developed a Board of Scholars, whose members — primarily university professors — review, support and directly contribute to the Center’s work. Recently, the Center has grown this board, and is delighted to announce the appointment of four new members.

Chris DouglasChris Douglas, professor of economics, University of Michigan-Flint. He authored a 2011 Mackinac Center study, and has been published in Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Journal of Economics, and Journal of Applied Econometrics, among others. Douglas’s research interests include gasoline markets, smoking externalities and the economics of sports.

Michael HicksMichael Hicks, professor of economics, Ball State University. He co-authored the 2013 Mackinac Center study “Economic Growth and Right-to-Work Laws,” and also presented findings of his research at a 2012 Mackinac Center Issues & Ideas forum. Hicks has been published in Eastern Economics Journal, Atlantic Economics Journal, Economic Development Journal, Regional Economic Development, Journal of Private Enterprise, and Review of Regional Studies. He wrote a book on the local economic impact of Wal-Mart stores, and also does research on telecommunication deregulation, natural disasters, corporate welfare and many others.

Jason E. TaylorJason E. Taylor, professor of economics, Central Michigan University. Taylor has been published widely in scholarly journals, including The Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Economic History and Southern Economic Journal. He is also editor-in-chief of Essays in Economics & Business History. He recently published a paper examining the impact of marginal tax rates on U.S. growth in the Cato Journal. His work has also been published in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The Detroit News. In 2010 he was invited to present his research findings as official testimony before the U.S. Congress.

Todd NesbitTodd Nesbit, senior lecturer in economics, Ohio State University. He co-authored a 2008 Mackinac Center study on the relationship between cigarette taxes and cigarette smuggling. He has been published in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Southern Economic Journal, Public Budgeting and Finance, Journal of Media Economics, and Atlantic Economic Journal. Nesbit’s research interests include sports economics, economics of education, automobile safety and several others.