Mackinac Center Triple Play: The Final Out!

In the last issue of Impact, we praised our supporters for helping us come so far in our Triple Play campaign, and asked people to keep giving. And, boy, did you ever.

As of April 30, 2012, our Triple Play fundraising goal of $1,650,000 was met with an unprecedented outpouring of support. Our original goal to reach that amount was July 31, 2013, putting us more than a year ahead of our schedule. This is due wholly to those of you who so graciously and generously put their time and money into supporting our mission: bringing free-market policy solutions to Michigan.

With donations coming in both big and small, we appreciated just as much those who offered everything they could. Anonymous contributors offered words of support from a $10 gift accompanied by a note that read, “I wish I could send more!” to the $100 online gift to “Keep up the good work.” These daily reminders of our impact motivated the staff more than words can say.

What I find so inspiring is that two-thirds of the gifts made were to our general operations budget — that is, people did not specify a particular arena such as our litigation or transparency efforts, but donated the money freely and without limitation.

This is a direct result of putting a picture in people’s heads of what we do every day. Our supporters trust in what we’re doing with limited government and personal responsibility, and we feel more motivated every day to live up to this faith in our free-market efforts.  

These results would not be possible in an organization without consistent leadership and a consistent mission, which the Mackinac Center is both fortunate to possess and works daily to ensure. I extend my heartiest thanks to all those reading this now, and we are thrilled at the future’s prospects for our organization.