A Michigan School Money Primer

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"A Michigan School Money Primer":

“As a newspaper editor, I am thoroughly impressed by the Mackinac Center’s ‘A Michigan School Money Primer’ by Ryan S. Olson and Michael D. LaFaive.

“I have long believed the media generally does a disservice to its readers, listeners and viewers by failing to convey factual information about Headlee rollbacks, bond millages, foundation grants and similar subjects. Due to the complexities of the subjects, many reporters are content to simply allow a school official to spout the company line. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard or read (unchallenged) that a Headlee override is not really a tax increase.

“Reporters are entering the field, in some cases, without even a basic understanding of auditing, budgeting and taxation. A few years back, I asked a prospective reporter to define a mill as used in property taxation. He thought about it for about 30 seconds and told me it was the clearinghouse for property tax collection!

“It is difficult and time-consuming to teach reporters how to deal with audits, budgets and millages. Thanks to the primer, my job just got easier. It will be required reading for members of the editorial staff.”

— Holly Nelson
Oscoda Press

“‘A Michigan School Money Primer’ was very helpful to me while writing my newspaper stories regarding school financing. The Michigan public needs to know the eye-opening information that is in this book! It is a complete and understandable resource that is useful on many levels.”

— Donna Gundle-Krieg

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