‘22a Prop A Obligation (Statepp: $3,873.11)’

In response to the Michigan Supreme Court’s ruling in Durant v. State of Michigan,[ccvii] the State School Aid Act now provides for three major state payments to intermediate and local school districts: the “22a Prop A Obligation” described here, the “51c Spec Ed Headlee Obligation” outlined in the next section, and the “22b Discretionary Payment” described here.

The Prop A obligation payment listed here is discussed under “Payment Sections.” In the Grand Rapids report shown above, the district received $6,674,204.47 from the state in December 2006. The district is estimated to receive a total of $78,672,243.07 under this section 22a payment in fiscal 2007.

The parenthetical “STATEPP: $3,873.11” refers to the precise amount of the state contribution to the district’s fiscal 1995 foundation allowance after the maximum possible nonhomestead millage (usually 18 mills) is taken into account. The number “22a” refers to the State School Aid Act’s section 22a, where the total value of the fiscal 1995 foundation allowance is detailed in state law.[ccviii]

[ccvii] For a more detailed discussion of Durant v. State of Michigan and related cases, see “Appendix 2: Summary of ‘Durant’ Court Decisions.”

[ccviii] The numbers to the left of each category in the state aid financial status report — “22a,” “51c” and so on —refer to the sections of the School Aid Act that provide for each allowance (388.1622a, 388.1651c, and so forth). The numbers are reproduced in the headings of each of the succeeding sections.