This subsection 107(1)[ccx] categorical provides second-chance education funding for adults who did not graduate high school or who otherwise lack important basic skills. Payments for adult education are not discussed, since the primer focuses on kindergarten through 12th grade.[ccxi]

In fiscal 2007, the state allocated $24 million for adult education programs throughout the state.[349] The Grand Rapids SAFSR shows that the district received $105,139.63 for this adult education payment in December 2006 and that the district is estimated to receive $1,156,651.63 under this section in fiscal 2007.

[ccx] Subsection 107(1) corresponds to MCL § 388.1707(1).

[ccxi] In order to be eligible for adult education programs, participants must meet a number of requirements. These requirements include being older than 20 years of age; or if under 20, receiving a recommendation from an employer; or being part of “English as a second language [or] General Education Development test preparation. …” See MCL § 388.1707(2).

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