This line refers to the section 11f payment made to conventional local school districts and ISDs that did not participate in the original Durant v. State of Michigan lawsuit (see “Durant Nonparticipant Payment 1: 10 Years of Cash Payments,” under "State Categorical Grants."[ccix] According to the SAFSR, the Grand Rapids district received nothing in December 2006 for this payment, since by December, the district had already received its total payment of $1,502,619.95 for fiscal 2007 (note the “100%” listed under “Pct To Date”).

[ccix] This SAFSR does not show the section 11g payment that Grand Rapids also receives as part of the state’s nonplaintiff Durant settlement (see the discussion under “Durant Nonparticipant Payment 2: Bond Payments or 15 Years of Cash Payments,” under "State Categorical Grants.")

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