1) An Educational Excellence Program:

  • Class sizes in kindergarten through third grade will be limited to between 13 and 17 students.

  • A "standards-based" core curriculum will be developed for Detroit schools.

  • Teachers and principals will be involved in the development of the standard curriculum.

  • Satisfactory performancegrade-level mastery in a majority of core curriculum areason a grade-level test at the end of each school year will be required for promotion to the next grade. "Social promotion would be ended."

  • Students will be tested frequently throughout the school year in each core subject.

  • Students who fail to master core curriculum subject matter will be referred for supplementary instruction (special tutorials or classes). Those who fail at the end of the year will be referred to summer school.

  • The school day will be extended for supplementary instruction.

  • Parents will be called upon to directly participate in the educational process.

2) Educational Accountability

  • Programs will be developed for public recognition of student achievement.

  • Attendance will be required, parents will be notified of absence from class, parents will be held responsible for their child's absenteeism, students will be required to make up missed class days in supplementary instruction classes and truancy laws will be strictly enforced.

  • Students will do homework in at least two core subjects at least four days per week, parents will be informed when students do not turn in completed homework, and students who do not complete homework will attend special study halls.

  • School uniforms will be phased in over a three-year period.

  • A zero-tolerance policy will be enforced for any violent act. Good order will be enforced and disciplinary action taken against violators.

  • A military-style middle school and high school will be created for students who fail to maintain proper demeanor.

3) A Responsibility Model for Schools

  • Principals will receive competitive compensation tied to performance.

  • The school year will be extended to 191 days.

  • "Substantial" merit pay for teachers, staff and principals who meet student achievement and attendance targets.

4) Teachers and Administrators

  • Qualified, certified teachers and administrators will be hired, paid competitive salaries, and offered performance-based advancement and compensation throughout their careers.

  • Hiring, employment, and payment of staff and teachers will be administered in a professional manner.

5) Administration and Budget

  • Re-examine budget formulas and increase transparency of district financial records.

  • Reduce staffing where appropriate.

  • Allow for retention of budget surpluses for future use and prohibit overspending.

  • Expand contracting out for services and increase competitive bidding for service contracts.

6) Facilities

  • Inventories should be conducted on condition of all school facilities, repairs recommended, and costs estimated.

  • Implement a Summer 2000 emergency repair program.

  • Implement ongoing repair program to address needs as they are identified.

  • Review and revise the bond issue program to better reflect future realities.