Reform asset forfeiture laws that give state agents the power to seize property without proof of the owners' guilt in a criminal trial.
» www.mackinac.org/792


Use performance-based contracting to outsource foster care services to private social service agencies.
» www.mackinac.org/9195


Prohibit governments from competing unfairly with private businesses by requiring government enterprises to account for tax-dollar cross-subsidies and to pass a "yellow pages" test.
» www.mackinac.org/7830


End "Cool Cities" grants and encourage reductions in urban over-regulation instead.
» www.mackinac.org/5926


Prohibit involuntary unionism of home-based day care workers and home-care workers who receive government subsidy checks.
» www.mackinac.org/11149


Eliminate, or make voluntary, "student activity fees" imposed on students at state universities and colleges.
» www.mackinac.org/8363


Repeal the state law that prohibits the sale of fuel and other products at a price "grossly in excess" of the presumed normal price.
» www.mackinac.org/3859


Repeal the "bad driver tax" imposed by so-called driver responsibility fees.
» www.mackinac.org/5405


Repeal regulations, such as campaign finance "reforms," that tilt the playing field in favor of incumbent officeholders.
» www.mackinac.org/9938


Stop imposing public bans on private actions, such as restaurateurs' allowing their patrons to smoke.
» www.mackinac.org/8053


Prohibit public entities and their membership organizations, such as the Michigan Municipal League, from lobbying other public entities to impose higher taxes. 
» www.mackinac.org/8194


Strengthen and enforce the provision in the Michigan Constitution since 1851 prohibiting the state from owning nonpension-related stakes in private companies.
» www.mackinac.org/7371


Stop expanding, and roll back, existing state inducements to "rent-seeking" behavior, in which businesses lobby government for unfair advantages in the marketplace.
» www.mackinac.org/9997


Rediscover the true meaning of patriotism.
» www.mackinac.org/6680


Limit government to its core missions to ensure that they are performed properly and well.
» www.mackinac.org/6713


To meet complex human needs and build a better society, prefer the voluntary institutions of civil society — that network of private groups, community associations, religious organizations, families, friends, coworkers and their heartfelt interactions — to political society and the coercive instruments of government.
» www.mackinac.org/5297

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