Environmental Laws and Regulations


Adopt a constitutional amendment that requires state and local governments to compensate property owners for "regulatory takings," which lower a property's value by regulating the owner's use and enjoyment of the property.
» www.mackinac.org/7446


Establish that "operational memorandums," guidelines and other guidance documents generated by any state agency do not bind a regulated entity unless they are promulgated as rules under the state Administrative Procedures Act.
» www.mackinac.org/7808


Repeal the ban on directional drilling for oil and natural gas under the Great Lakes.
» www.mackinac.org/9712


Separate environmental permitting from enforcement by creating a new, dedicated permitting agency, while leaving enforcement with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.
» www.mackinac.org/13805


Roll back a recently enacted regulatory regime that unnecessarily diminishes Michigan's comparative advantage in abundant, fresh water.
» www.mackinac.org/9138


Prohibit the enforcement of state environmental regulations that are more stringent than those required by federal law unless the regulations are specifically adopted in legislation by the governor and the Michigan Legislature.
» www.mackinac.org/6956

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