Adopt a constitutional amendment authorizing a universal tuition tax credit of up to half of the state's per-pupil spending allotment to support the education of a child attending the school of his or her family's choice.
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Require school districts to make a good faith effort to contract out transportation, food and custodial services.
» www.mackinac.org/9021


Place new school employees under a defined-contribution, 401(k)-type pension plan, rather than a defined-benefit system.
» www.mackinac.org/8089


Require districts to offer school employees health savings accounts along with conventional health insurance plans. 
» www.educationreport.org/8827


Let high school students take mandatory high school courses from community colleges.
» www.educationreport.org/11653


Other than those grants required by the courts or by federal law, eliminate all "categorical grants" for state-specified school spending items, and use that money to increase unencumbered per-pupil foundation allowances.
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Eliminate intermediate school districts (ISDs).
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Expand public school choice programs to allow all students in all districts, not just those students within a certain proximity, to attend public schools outside their district.
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Adopt a "Michigan Teachers' Bill of Rights" that frees individual teachers from standardized union contracts and gives them the choice to be judged and compensated based on their performance.
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Repeal teacher certification requirements.
» www.mackinac.org/1651


Revise the Michigan Teachers' Tenure Act to allow school districts to adopt a full-fledged teacher merit-pay system.
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Eliminate the restrictions on the number of charter schools that can be authorized by state universities.
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