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Kersey Discusses Right-to-Work

… proposal known as “ right-to-work for teachers ,” as … economic benefits of right-to-work laws. more

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A Model Right-to-Work Amendment to the Michigan Constitution

This policy brief discusses several foundational legal concepts and sets forth model language for a legally sound right-to-work amendment to the Michigan Constitution. more

Why Michigan Needs a Right-to-Work Law

… essential first step is right-to-work legislation. Right-to-work laws give employees … ready to enter the workforce. Finally, it needs … strong unions that put workers above politics.  An … more

What Right-to-Work Means for Indiana

… illegal to force a worker to pay union dues … more

Americans are Moving to Right-to-Work States

Right-to-work states gain 480,000 people from domestic migration

… another aspect of the right-to-work debate that does not … continue to move to right-to-work states. The Mackinac … more

Right-to-Work: Looking Back, Moving Forward

The push to extend right-to-work protections for Michigan employees … Economic Effects of Right-to-Work Laws: 2007 ," by Labor … more


For the umpteenth time: No, wages won't collapse.

… challenge in defending the right-to-work concept, it isn't researching … Patriot : By undermining workers’ rights, this unfair scheme … more

West Virginia House Vote Could Tip National Scale on Right-to-Work

State poised to become 26th right-to-work state

… Virginia the nation’s 26th right-to-work state, allowing workers to choose whether … would expand workers’ rights and strengthen unions, … more

What Is Right-to-Work?

… short video what right-to-work is, and what it is not. … more

Landmark Right-to-Work Bill Passes in Indiana House

… illegal to force a worker to finally support … more