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Should right to work become law in Indiana, the implications for its neighbor to the north are stark. It is impossible to predict how many current and potential new manufacturers Michigan might lose to a RTW Indiana, but some sources suggest that over time the number is likely to be significant. Here's what we know about Indiana's attempt to become a right-to-work state: 

Dems Don't Run: Standoff Ends — Indiana Right-to-Work Obstacle Cleared

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Indiana Senate Committee Passes Right-to-Work Bill; Unions Protest While Democrats Boycott

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Title: The Economic Effects of Right-to-Work Laws: 2007
Publication: Aug. 28, 2007, Mackinac Center study
Author: Paul Kersey, Mackinac Center senior labor analyst





Title: A Model Right-to-Work Amendment to the Michigan Constitution
Publication: Aug. 29, 2007, Mackinac Center study
Author: Patrick J. Wright, Mackinac Center senior legal analyst




Title: Union Spending in Michigan: A Review of Union Financial Disclosure Reports
Publication: Aug. 28, 2008, Mackinac Center study
Author: Paul Kersey, Mackinac Center senior labor analyst





Right-to-Work Dashboard
Up to date economic indicators showing how Michigan fairs against right-to-work states.


Michigan needs voluntary unionism.

Lawrence W. Reed on Changing Michigan's union work laws.
Detroit Free Press

Paul Kersey on voluntary unionism.
The Flint Journal

Momentum is building for Michigan to become a right-to-work state. "It Takes a Recession."

Lawrence W. Reed on making Michigan a right-to-work state.
The Wall Street Journal


How right-to-work laws protect employees and can help jump-start Michigan’s stalled economy. “Job creation over that past 30 years, especially in manufacturing, has been overwhelmingly in right-to-work states.”

Lawrence W. Reed explains the benefits of right-to-work laws.
“The Greg Marshall Show” - WMKT

Paul Kersey explains the benefits of right-to-work at WWJ’s on-line "Daily Dash."

Understanding the need for right-to-work legislation: "Changing the law empowers individual workers with a choice, which makes union leadership more accountable."

Ending forced unionism creates more prosperity: Making Michigan right-to-work would increase jobs
The Detroit News

By Lawrence W. Reed

The Detroit News says: "Currently, 22 states have right-to-work laws.Michigan should join them. Freeing workers from compulsory union membership would send an important signal that Big Labor no longer dictates policy and controls politics in Michigan."

Free Workers by Passing Federal Right-to-Work Law

Right-to-work legislation and economic development: "for the last 30 years right-to-work states have been outperforming compulsory unionism states such as Michigan ... individual freedom and higher productivity give workers in right-to-work states the edge in job opportunities, employment, and purchasing power."

Restoring Balance to Labor Law
By Paul Kersey

The Right-to-Work Advantage in Economic Growth: A Look at Past Performance
By James Hohman

Wage Law: The Right-to-Work
By Steven Thomas

New Data Bolster Finding of Right-to-Work Report
By Paul Kersey

The Effect of Right-to-Work Laws on Economic Development

By Dr. William T. Wilson


Is right to work legislation a hot topic? You bet it is!

Watch the Mackinac Center’s former Director of Labor Policy debate right-to-work with a Michigan legislator.


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