Should Camp Dearborn be Camp Metro Detroit?

DEARBORN-Camp Dearborn is a city-subsidized camping and recreational retreat created in the 1940s as a getaway spot for citizens of Dearborn. Today, only about 30 percent of the people who visit Camp Dearborn are Dearborn citizens. It is for this reason that Dearborn City Council candidate Susan Moore wants to sell the 626-acre facility, located in Milford.

"Dearborn dollars should be used for Dearborn citizens," Moore told the Detroit Free Press. She calculates that the city could net $60 million by selling the retreat. Dearborn currently spends $500,000 annually on the camp.

However, Moore's idea has received a cool reception from City Hall and the council. Moore was recently interrupted by council members and booed by "camp supporters" when she tried to raise the issue at a public meeting.

Dearborn law states that the sale of any city property five miles or more outside city limits can only be approved by a vote of the people.