Detroit’s Newest Entrepreneurs Shine at Second Business Fair

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You may remember reading about the first Detroit Children’s Business Fair in IMPACT late last year. Everyone involved had so much fun, we couldn’t wait a whole year to do it again!

On Saturday, May 13, 18 businesses run by 40 young entrepreneurs gathered at the Detroit Historical Museum to sell their goods and services. The fair was open to children ages 6 to 14, who sold everything from purses to slime.

Children’s Business Fairs were started by Acton Academy in Austin, Texas, and have since spread across the country. They’re a fun, safe way for kids to learn about entrepreneurship and the self-worth that comes out of work. But they also have the opportunity to win prizes!

This year, we handed out six awards.

In the older age group, the award for best business potential went to Kraftabulous Kreations. Ceciley, the owner, makes paracord bracelets, glasses cases, wallets and crossbody purses that one judge described as “way better than Vera Bradley!”

Chemical Free Zone, run by siblings Ali, Muhammad and Fatan, won the prize for best business potential in the younger age group. The kids make natural bug repellent sprays, a must for health-conscious Michiganders as we head into the hot, humid summer months.

For outstanding originality, the older age group prize went to Relaxing Essentials by Z. Azalyiah, the owner, sold “bombs” for the bath, shower and toilet, along with anti-stress balls.

In the younger age group, Hot Heads won the award for outstanding originality. Run by classmates Jade, Emilio and Miguel from Escuela Avancemos!, a Detroit charter school, Hot Heads makes lava lamps.

The final awards, for best presentation and creativity, also went to Escuela Advancemos! kids. Pic Detroit, run by Ali, Erik and Jay Jay, sold beautiful, artistic photographs they had taken around their school and throughout southwest Detroit.

In the younger age group, the award for best presentation and creativity went to NML Productions, run by Noah, Marco and Luigi. They sold homemade oobleck, a unique non-Newtonian fluid that doesn’t respond to touch and force as expected.

While not every child won a prize, they all did great work and learned a lot from the experience. Most importantly, they had fun!