The authors would like to thank the following Mackinac Center interns for their help in conducting the survey and this accompanying report during the summer of 2015:

  • Wyatt Bush,

  • Janelle Cammenga,

  • Nathaniel Lehman,

  • Jonathan Moy, and

  • Philip Schlosser.

The authors would also like to thank the following individuals and organizations who provided consultation and aid in surveying school districts in Georgia, Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania:

  • Benita Dodd and Kelly McCutchen at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation;

  • Dennis Cauchon and Greg Lawson at the The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions;

  • James Quintero, Caroline Espinosa, Joshua Treviño, Robert Henneke and Chuck DeVore at the Texas Public Policy Foundation; and

  • Matthew Brouillette and Nathan Benefield at the Commonwealth Foundation.