Bringing Home the Bling

Bringing Home the Bling - click to enlarge

In 2010, the Mackinac Center won multiple national awards for outstanding projects.

Back row, left to right: Jack McHugh, senior legislative analyst, with Communicator and Telly awards for the video “Oh. Canada?”; Daniel Montgomery, marketing and design director, with a Davey Award for the video “Michael & Me”; Michael Van Beek, director of education policy, with an SPNovation Award for the Michigan School District Health Insurance Database; and Christopher Deming, director of campus leadership, with a Telly Award for the Students for a Free Economy “Economic Freedom Matters” video.

Front row, left to right: Russ Harding, senior environmental analyst, with a Communicator Award for the video “Boardman River Dams: Episode 1”; Kathy Hoekstra, communications specialist, with a Telly Award for the “Stabilizing Blight?” video; Patrick Wright, senior legal analyst, with a Telly for the video “Sherry and Dawn’s Story.”

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