Coaching services privatized in Atherton

BURTON — The Atherton school district in Genesee County contracted out its coaching services and paraprofessionals to PCMI, according to The Flint Journal. The move will save the district $50,000, The Journal reported.

For most coaches in the Atherton school district, the school board’s decision to contract out for their services simply means that their paychecks will come from a different source. But having a different entity sign the checks allows the district to avoid paying an additional 17.8 percent to the Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System. Coaches who are also teachers will opt-out of the contracted company three years before retiring in order to get a full draw on their retirement, according to The Journal.

Reference: The Flint Journal, "Atherton privatizes athletic coaches, causing stir in school district," Sept. 19, 2007