Teachers cited the following as One of The Three Most Important Reasons Leading to Resignation:

Level of support/relationships with administrator(s) 61.7%
Behavior of students 39.7
Class size too large 34.5
Availability of supplies 31.4
Attitude of parents 20.9
Unsafe school and/or neighborhood 20.9
Salary 16.7
Physical condition of building 15.7
Level of support/relationship with union 8.4
Health insurance and other benefits 7.3
Level of support/relationship with peers 6.3
Commute too long 6.3
Left the metro area 4.2
Central personnel and benefits office 3.1
Professional burnout 3.1
Incomplete school board 2.1
Too much paperwork 1.0
Inappropriate curriculum 1.0

Note: Not all of the reasons cited at the one percent level are included. Complete results are available through the DFT.