Policy Changes Lives

These are the anonymous voices from emails, interviews and word on the street that ought to be heard. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy firmly believes that policy affects people on a real level, as evidenced by those speaking their mind on right-to-work in Michigan.

“My great grandparents were here and we’ve been based here ever since. Right now with my family, Michigan has a lot going for it and I feel it will come back but I don’t know if it will be in their generation or not.”


“I look at it [right-to-work] and how it’s going to affect people looking at business and whether they want to work here. It makes the environment a lot friendlier for business.”


“There is probably a 30% difference in wages when we do prevailing wage work. It’s an artificially high wage when I look at what it is that we’re paying right now. It doesn’t match what the wages are in Michigan. It doesn’t come close.”


“Am a native Michigander, have a JD from U/M, and spend summers in Leelanau County. Had heard of the Mackinac Ctr, but had not focused on it until passage of MI’s right-to-work law.”