Back In The Spring of Things

Spring - click to enlarge

It might not feel like spring is on its way, but the Legislature is rather busy considering laws for the state of Michigan. The Mackinac Center (and YOU) can’t hibernate a good while yet.

As the furor of the passage of right-to-work legislation dies down a bit, the Mackinac Center wants to ensure people pay attention to a key component of this debate: the outmigration factor (coincidentally, our lead feature). One of the cornerstones of our organization is improving the quality of life and opportunities for all people. When Michigan is the only state in the union to lose overall population between 2000 and 2010, something is not working.

Education is a big part of giving people opportunities from day one in Michigan — fortunately, the Mackinac Center has a devoted education policy team that recently compiled a school superintendent salary database for the entire state. Education Policy Analyst Audrey Spalding underlines the importance of standards over geography at Cesar Chavez Academy in Detroit, which is taking kids with not a lot of options and giving them the freedom of a real boost in life.

Sprinkled throughout the issue you will also notice QR codes — those black-and-white boxes you can scan with your smartphones — which link up to our latest videos. Scan and watch instantly — the future is coming very quickly, indeed.

We love all the feedback we’ve received so far. Please keep it up! We love to hear from you.

For Liberty,
Lindsey Dodge, EDITOR