Opportunities Abound

Michigan is a better place in which to live, work and do business today than it was just six months ago. While much remains to be done, we have good reason to be optimistic — even to celebrate.

The momentum in Michigan is shifting toward the limited government and free enterprise principles that you and I share. Imagine how much more we can accomplish in this environment.

I want to share more good news with you regarding the Mackinac Center Triple Play campaign, our drive to pump $3.3 million over three years into three key objectives:

  1. Fixing the state budget
  2. Regaining state control of health care
  3. Advancing freedom in our schools and workplaces

A group of longtime donors is making this ambitious agenda possible by matching all new funding the Mackinac Center raises in 2011, 2012 and 2013 — up to $1.65 million. For every new dollar we raise, these donors will match it.

This is the biggest matching grant opportunity in Mackinac Center history — and the response has been tremendous. We have already raised $1.18 million toward the $1.65 million goal.

More than 900 new contributors have joined the Mackinac Center since January, and many of our longtime supporters increased their giving to help us meet this challenge. We take this outpouring of support as a sign of how deeply Michigan residents like you want to help our state’s turnaround.

Throughout this issue of Impact, you can read about the difference your gifts are making. Your generosity is the strength behind our new research on school spending, our legal work on behalf of graduate student research assistants and our expanded news reporting — plus much more.

If you haven’t made a contribution to Triple Play, I hope you will consider a donation toward the remaining $470,000 we need to raise. Remember, our lead donors will match, dollar for dollar:

  • All gifts we receive from new contributors
  • Increased gifts from our current supporters
  • All pledges made in 2011 to support our work in 2012 or 2013.

I invite you to call me at the Mackinac Center if you want to discuss in more detail how you can help.