The Mackinac Center was recognized again for producing some of the finest online videos anywhere, this time for “The Foundation Allowance Myth,” part of a series debunking common myths about school funding in Michigan. The short won a gold and a silver from the Communicator Awards, along with a bronze Telly Award.

These school funding videos break down complex problems and policies (like the funding of Michigan’s $20 billion public school system) into bite-sized and entertaining shorts. Daniel Montgomery, marketing and design director, animated the films, winning the silver Communicator for use of graphics in the video.

The Center has produced four videos to supplement a study on school funding myths. The videos have been viewed nearly 4,000 times and are based on Education Policy Director Michael Van Beek’s recent study, “School Funding in Michigan: Common Myths.”

In this study, Van Beek identifies and debunks seven myths about school funding. He addresses different aspects of school finances, including some of the most popular talking points coming from school employee union officials. The study shows that no matter which way you slice the data, Michigan schools are well-funded compared to schools in other states.

This recent award-winning video and others like it are bound to get more attention as they give taxpayers and policymakers a quick and easy way to better understand important policy issues.

Read about the school funding myths and watch the videos at