Ambulance-Township Partnership to the Rescue; Officials Face Recall Vote


OWOSSO — The Owosso Township Board voted 5-2 in late August to contract out for ambulance service. The vote followed months of arguments on both sides of the issue and may now result in a recall vote.

In September those opposed to ambulance privatization began collecting signatures to remove Township Supervisor Richard Gute and Clerk Judy Gute from their positions. Both of the two officials voted in favor of the privatization. The Flint Journal reported that three other trustees who voted to change services are not included on the recall petition. The recall vote is slated for Feb. 28, 2006.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has written on the subject of ambulance privatization for years. For further reading, see "Ambulance Wars" on the Mackinac Center’s Web page at or "Privatization: A Cure for What Ails Detroit’s Emergency Medical Services?" at