The authors would like to thank the following people for their assistance in the production of this study. Any errors within are those of the authors.

  • Wyatt Bush, research intern, Mackinac Center;

  • Justin Davis, former multimedia producer, Mackinac Center;

  • James Hohman, director of fiscal policy, Mackinac Center;

  • Jonathan Vanderhoof, graphic designer, Mackinac Center;

  • Ilia Anderson, graphic design assistant, Mackinac Center;

  • Kara Malkowski, operations office assistant, Mackinac Center;

  • Christine Bowerson, director of operations, Mackinac Center;

  • Emily Guerrant, vice president of marketing, communications and public relations, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

  • Adam Robach, FOIA coordinator, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

  • Mary DiVirgilio, contract specialist, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

(Note: Guerrant, Robach and DiVirgilio deserve special mention. Author Michael LaFaive has made many requests of these MEDC employees over the years and has always encountered professional, cheerful, timely — sometimes even witty — responses from them.)