Three Join Board of Scholars

The Mackinac Center is proud to add three new, distinguished academics to its growing board of scholars, members of which guide, review and contribute to the center’s research. These new members are Sarah Estelle, Dan Crane and Dave Hebert.

Sarah Estelle Estelle is an associate professor of economics at Hope College. Trained as a labor economist at Hillsdale College and the University of Virginia, Estelle’s research interests include education choices, risky health behaviors and parents’ investment in their children. She is the faculty advisor for the student group Markets and Morality.

Dan Crane

Crane serves as the associate dean for faculty and research and the Frederick Paul Furth, Sr. professor of law at the University of Michigan Law School. He has published six books and over 60 articles and book chapters on antitrust and economic regulation. He previously taught at law schools in New York City, Chicago, Lisbon and Berlin.

Dave HebertHebert is an assistant professor of economics at Ferris State University with degrees from Hillsdale and George Mason University. His research interests include public finance, public choice, comparative institutional analysis and nonmarket decision-making.