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Daniel J. Smith

Daniel J. Smith is an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center. Smith earned his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University and is an assistant professor of economics at Troy University. Smith's expertise lies in Austrian economics and public choice theory. He twice served as a Mackinac Center research intern.

As an undergraduate at Northwood University, Smith received two major academic awards: the Arthur E. Turner Award, which is the university’s highest honor; and the Ludwig von Mises Award, which is presented for outstanding achievement in economics. Smith’s interest in economics was sparked by Mackinac Center President Lawrence Reed’s essay “Are We Going the Way of Rome?”

From Daniel J. Smith

Survey 2007: School Support Service Privatization Rises

Competitive contracting continues to be a popular management tool for improving services and for saving money, which can then be reinvested into classrooms. All indications are that it will continue to grow in popularity. … more

Survey 2007: More Growth in School Support Service Privatization

Privatization is a time-tested management tool used by governments around the world. It can take many forms, but competitive contracting is the most prevalent in the United States whether in municipalities or within the realm of public education. In some regards, Michigan is a national leader in competitive contracting in education; in other areas it is a laggard. … more

Survey 2005: School Outsourcing Grows

Survey: School Outsourcing Grows

According to Loock, the district went from paying a $100,000 subsidy to the food program to posting a profit of up to $25,000 after Chartwells took over. … more