Your Favorites: 2011

For the second consecutive year, a Michigan Capitol Confidential story that was linked on the Drudge Report news aggregator garnered the most hits of anything we posted this year. The story, about the city of Coldwater attempting to ban Tea Party signs on public property, garnered more than 221,000 hits.

Below are the top 25 items overall, including blog posts, commentaries and analysis posted at and The list is not scientific, however, and is based on page views relative to posting dates between Dec. 1, 2010, and Dec. 1, 2011.

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  1. Town Bans Tea Party Signs in Public Park.”
  2. The West Bloomfield Teacher ‘Sick Out.’”
  3. Sun Not Shining on State Solar Subsidies.”
  4. Physics vs. Phys Ed.”
  5. Should Michigan Create a Health Insurance Exchange?”
  6. Helpful Facts About Michigan’s Public Sector.”
  7. Mackinac Center Received Bomb Threats and Death Threats Over FOIA Request.”
  8. The Public Purpose of Our ‘Professors’ Email’ Request.”
  9. Gov. Snyder vs. Rachel Maddow.”
  10. Illegal Teacher Strike Rumored After Union’s ‘Job Action’ Letter.”
  11. Michigan Carpenters’ Union Constructing a Fake Dispute.”
  12. Schools Use Creative Accounting to Exaggerate Fiscal Challenges.”
  13. Teacher Kissing Students Is Paid to Leave; Tenure Makes Him Too Hard to Fire.”
  14. Public-Sector Bargaining Privileges Are Not Inalienable Rights.”
  15. Tea Partiers Counter-Protest Government Union ‘Lobby Day.’”
  16. Victims of Smoking Ban Cut Off Politicians.”
  17. Average Teacher Salary in Michigan Rises Again.”
  18. FOIA Law Enhances Center’s Research and Reporting.”
  19. MSU’s ‘Fairly Ridiculous’ FOIA Compliance.”
  20. Public-Sector Unions Fight to Keep Bloated Benefits.”
  21. Michigan School Spending Hits All-Time High.”
  22. Superintendent to Governor: ‘Make My School a Prison.’”
  23. GOP Senator Tries to Save SEIU Health Care ‘Employer.’”
  24. Plagiarism Double Standards at Michigan State.”
  25. Bringing Balance to Public Benefits.”

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