I’m an Ambassador for Liberty

I have worked for politicians and a university advancement team and held various private sector jobs, but when I approached the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, something unusual happened. I stated that I was a classical liberal, and — for the first time in my life — my prospective co-workers and boss did not express concern or confusion. Today, my colleagues not only understand the nuances of conservative or libertarian ways of looking at policy, but they get excited about them, and we intellectually sharpen one another. So when I think of serving as regional director of strategic partnerships for the Mackinac Center, I get a sense of enthusiasm and wonder. 

Standing for sound policy can lead to positive change for ourselves, our families and our neighbors. It involves listening to stories of people who believe in our mission and sharing the stories of those who have been in the crosshairs of an expansive government and persistent bureaucracies. Our lives have stories of opportunity and stories of struggle. I ardently believe that advancing liberty through sound public policy generates more opportunities and fewer, or at least less onerous, struggles.

In my work, I have the opportunity to cultivate relationships that will spread the message of freedom and help lead to sound policy for the people of Michigan. I am amazed and humbled by the thought. For me, the key motivation is that I can help people gain an understanding of what civic education and engagement can produce. My dream is to be a voice for people who are now unheard. When someone remarks that the people of the Mackinac Center are zealous for liberty, I can discuss what we are doing to advance it, usually in something that the person is passionate about. As the regional director for strategic partnerships, I can help our donors pursue liberty and increase their civic engagement and education.