OTTAWA LAKE — Whiteford Agricultural School food-service employees may sue the district, according to The Toledo Blade. The district uses Sodexho to manage the district's food services, and in June, the district's school board voted to extend that contract to cover employees as well.

Food service programs may be self-sustaining — that is, revenues from food sales can cover all the expenses — but when there is a deficit, a district may have to transfer money from funds meant to support instruction services to cover it. Whiteford transferred $19,000 to cover its food-service expenses during the 2007-2008 school year.

But the Michigan Education Association officials who represent the affected employees argue that its collective bargaining agreement, which will not expire until June 2010, prevents the district from contracting, and the MEA is likely to file a grievance and lawsuit against the district, The Blade reported.

Reference: "Whiteford Agricultural district trims staff, cuts hours?" The Toledo Blade, June 17, 2009