Wexford County contracts management of its civic center

CADILLAC — In order to decrease spending by the necessary $350,000 to $1 million to balance its budget, Wexford County is looking at a number of privatization opportunities and other cost-saving ideas, including contracting for management of its civic center.

The county awarded a 10-year contract to Conerly Management in June. The company will assume any profit and loss over the first three years, and return 15 percent of its profits to the county afterward, according to the Cadillac News.

The county also contracted its payroll to a private company for a savings of $70,000, according to the Cadillac News. It received bids for the service from three vendors, including one of its own employees. The employee's bid was the lowest of the three, but she did not have a certified public accountant's license, which was a requirement of the bid, according to the News.

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