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Updated Research Quantifies Relationship Between Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling

New York has highest smuggling rate; Michigan ranks 14th

… consumption attributable to smuggling. Cigarettes have … have higher rates of smuggling. When neighboring … organized groups to smuggle cigarettes across state lines. The smuggling rates are estimated …

Tax Evasion and Avoidance: Michigan Ranks 14th in Cigarette Smuggling

Latest data shows the relationship between cigarette taxes and smuggling

… avoidance (what we call “smuggling”). Over time … syndicates, respectively. Smuggling is not the only unintended … nearly 21 percent were smuggled. That figure may leap … the Golden State’s smuggling rate has increased …

Updated Research Affirms Link between Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling

Interactive map shows taxes and smuggling by state

… states and cigarette smuggling. Using data from … estimate the cigarette smuggling rates for 47 of the … goals undermined by smuggling and associated crime … Washington, D.C., estimate smuggling rates by comparing …

High Cigarette Taxes Lead to More Smuggling

Study provides new estimates of smuggling rates for each state

… which cigarettes are smuggled across state borders … authors estimated total smuggling rates by comparing … two is attributed to smuggling. “It’s important … increased rates of smuggling,” said study coauthor, …

Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling

A Statistical Analysis and Historical Review

In this study, the authors consider cigarette smuggling from two angles. First, they employ a statistical model to estimate the degree to which cigarette smuggling occurs in 47 of the 48 contiguous U.S. states. Second, they review the historical experiences of three states — Michigan, New Jersey and California — known to have problems with cigarette smuggling. The author's findings suggest that state policymakers should reassess the value of cigarette taxes as a revenue and public health tool.

Analysis: High Cigarette Taxes Contributing to Increased Smuggling Rates in Michigan, Elsewhere

More than 29 percent of Michigan’s total cigarette consumption in 2011 was smuggled into the state, according to Center analysts

… estimates for cigarette smuggling rates in 47 of … has the 10th highest smuggling rate in the nation. “People … is the third set of smuggling rate estimates published … detailed histories of smuggling in Michigan and other …

Criticism of Center Smuggling Scholarship Unfounded

Cherry-picked language paints a different picture

… referenced our cigarette smuggling research . Nearly … cigarette taxes and smuggling, and we have cited … cases, it understates smuggling on the other. If … would we understate smuggling? We can only speculate, …

LaFaive and Nesbit Op-ed Published in Lincoln Journal Star

Raising cigarette taxes would increase smuggling

… Gloor. While Nebraska’s smuggling rate is quite low … would increase the smuggling rate to 32.3 percent, …

Updated Research Highlights Impact of Cigarette Tax Evasion

New York still an empire of smuggled smokes as Nevada leaps towards the top

… consumption attributable to smuggling. Higher rates of smuggling are typically due … available — to estimate smuggling rates across the … remained the top in-bound smuggling state in the nation, …

Analysis: Michigan’s Cigarette Smuggling Rate Falls Slightly; State Still in Top 10 Nationally

More than 27 percent of Michigan’s total cigarette consumption in 2012 was smuggled into the state, according to Center study

… estimates for cigarette smuggling rates in 47 of … however, the 10th highest smuggling rate in the nation. “As … are only too happy to smuggle them for profit.” This … is the fourth set of smuggling rate estimates published …