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Did School Choice Opposition Help Doom Detroit’s Bid For Amazon HQ?

Charters are city’s most promising schools yet face significant political opposition

… suggest they knew why Detroit missed making the cut … headquarters. The Detroit Free Press ran a story … with the headline: “Detroit couldn’t compete with … serious about fixing Detroit schools,” wrote John … more

Michigan is Back, No Thanks to Grand Schemes

… recently, Snyder and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan oversaw … more

There is No Shortage of Teachers

But reforms are still worth discussing

… reported. As of December, Detroit Public Schools Community … more

Many More Walk To Work As Take Subsidized Transit in Michigan

Politicians talking metro transit tax again, but costly buses and trains benefit few

… politicians, including Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and … transportation are from Detroit. That is out of 215,600 … live in the city of Detroit. Across the state … more

Airbnb Ban the Latest in Detroit’s Short-sighted Thinking

City council makes it harder to earn a living and visit a city desperate for population growth

… pro sports teams? The Detroit City Council has you … very difficult. Detroit has the highest … New York City. And Detroit imposes licensing rules … city government in Detroit may roll out the welcome … more

Detroit Closed 194 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In 2016-17

The city of Detroit issued 194 orders to … 2018, city data show. Detroit’s Deputy Press Secretary … “required assistance by the Detroit Police Department for … more

Illinois Takes Pension Advice From ‘The Simpsons’

Michigan has done a lot to avoid this fate

… spending and debt. Detroit did the same. It later … more

Michigan Charters Get More Bang for the Buck

… even more dramatic in Detroit, the state’s largest … because students in Detroit charters learn more … more