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A $4.6 Billion Transit Millage Is a Tax Too Far for Detroit

Time to question the benefits of the Regional Transit Authority

… Michigan in Northwest Detroit. The Mackinac Center s … numbers. Longtime Detroit radio host Mildred Gaddis … about it, was whether Detroiters need to be taxed … pointed out that Detroiters already pay the highest … more

Vote Sends Lake Michigan Water Outside the Great Lakes Basin

Intergovernmental group gives OK for Waukesha to draw from Lake Michigan

… thing, Snyder told The Detroit News . He called the … said, according to The Detroit News. U.S. Reps. … said, according to the Detroit News. more

MSU Scholar Ignores School Revenue Sources

Says revenue has been cut

… outcomes than others, like Detroit Public Schools. Financial … Arsen s interview, the Detroit News reported that … more

Clarifying Detroit Schools Release Time Policy

Judge Rhodes points out oversight in op-ed

In a recent Detroit News op-ed I wrote … across the state. Detroit Public Schools provides … the president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. His … partial reimbursement. Detroit still stands out because … more

How They Spin 'Underfunded Schools': Ignore the Federal Money

Excluding 25 percent of Detroit school funding paints a false picture

… narratives promoted in the Detroit school bailout debate … urban districts like Detroit are underfunded compared … poor districts like Detroit ($3,494 per pupil), … a recent article on Detroit Public Schools: -- … more

Taxpayers Spend Millions A Year on Union Activities

Op-ed in The Detroit News addresses union release time

… op-ed published in The Detroit News . Taxpayers are … unions. And Detroit Public Schools may be … full op-ed in The Detroit News more

Ph.D. Not Good Enough, Professor: You Still Can't Teach in Detroit Schools

Certification mandates freeze out highly qualified instructors

… million bailout of Detroit Public Schools, it included … Republicans said to Detroit parents." DPS Interim … Meriweather told the Detroit Free Press she didn't … that is specific to Detroit to allow non-certified … more

Narrative Trumps Facts When Reporting on Detroit Public Schools

A case study, one of many

A Detroit Public Schools teacher … inaccurately portrayed Detroit Public Schools as being … Separate, unequal: Inside a Detroit classroom, and then … and run online by the Detroit Free Press. It made … more