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Detroit School District Still Needs Teachers

171 unfilled teaching positions, down from 250

Detroit’s public school district … education, accord to The Detroit News . At the start … previous school year, Detroit’s school district had … more

Charters Schools ‘Segregated’? Children Only Attend If Their Parents Choose

That’s a challenge for opponents dredging up invalid Jim Crow associations

… cities of Flint and Detroit illustrate the popularity … Flint ranked No. 2 and Detroit was No. 3 in the country … school district. In Detroit, 50,460 students, or … local school district. Detroit’s traditional public … more

Raise For Detroit School Union Official Exceeds Salary Of Many Teachers

Union dues for district employees $18.45 per month

… 2015-16 the average Detroit teacher salary was $57,793. Curtiss … largest union is the AFT-Detroit, which represents about … teachers working for the Detroit Public Schools Community … more

Grosse Pointe Restricts Nonresident Students, Board Member Joins ‘Charter School Segregation’ Chorus

He reports district near Detroit now walking back its restrictive policies

… eight miles away from Detroit, but its school district … admitted just five Detroit students in 2016-17. … 12 miles away from Detroit. The Harper Woods School … which 194 were from Detroit. Grosse Pointe Public … more

Critic Cites Performance In Other States To Attack Michigan Charters

Implies that charters with 9 percent of state enrollment drag down the other 1.5 million students

… school students in Detroit performed better in … peers. CREDO stated that Detroit was one of four communities … more

Detroit Schools’ Annual Budget Balanced With Emergency Bailout Money

$10M in so-called state transition-cost dollars helping keep the district out of deficit

For years, Detroit’s public school district … sat in debt. However, Detroit’s reconstituted public … Treasury Department, the Detroit school district expects … middle of September, The Detroit News reported the … more

Taxpayers Shouldn’t Subsidize High Income Housing

Millions going to build luxury developments

… developers of apartments in Detroit that rent between $19,500 … more

Accountability? Nothing Appears Closer To Eternal Than A Failed Detroit School

Watch what they do, not what they say — or even what the law requires

The board of the Detroit public school district … says: It’s ironic that Detroit school administrators … are operated by the Detroit school district. The … more

Union Head Questions Corporate Pay, Ignores Own Officers’ Huge Salaries

Teachers union president gets $492k in 2017, after years of pay freeze for teachers

… performance. The Detroit Federation of Teachers … of salary freezes. Detroit teachers received a … 2011. Enrollment in Detroit's public school district … more