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Charter School-Prison Comparison Misses the Mark

Analyzing recent attacks on school choice

… charter parents in Detroit, like LaTanya Dorsey , … better curriculum. Detroit mom Lisa Cobb would … and fine arts. Detroit charters like the ones … more

Detroit Had More Corruption in One Day Than John Oliver Found in Charter Schools Over 10 Years

Comedian's segment ignored rampant problems in traditional public schools

… what we ve seen in Detroit in the last 12 months … fact, in a single day Detroit Public Schools outdid … individuals affiliated with Detroit Public Schools, including … superintendent. A few months later, Detroit Public School s former … more

Study 'Segregates' School District Borders By Ignoring Key Data

Where's the other 27 percent of the Detroit schools' budget?

… released a report calling Detroit and Grosse Pointe schools … ignored $225.7 million of Detroit Public Schools total … up. But the Detroit school district received … Title I grants. Detroit received $109.6 million … more

The Most Important State Election This November: Michigan's Next House Speaker

Three representatives face off for the top spot

… the Legislature sent Detroit Public Schools more … governor, Senate, and Detroit officials for the bill … parental choice in Detroit and it certainly would … speaker. On the Detroit Education Commission, … more

Michigan's Underfunded Pensions: A Tale of Two Counties

Wayne County governments have dug a $3.4 billion pension hole

… significantly underfunded. Detroit was allowed to keep … liabilities. Due to its size, Detroit skews the numbers to … average suggests. Without Detroit, Wayne County's cities … more

Hard to Find: 'Teachers On Food Stamps'

A first-year teacher would need three or more dependents to qualify

… Voices feature The Detroit News has published on … more

Worker’s Choice Popular in Michigan, Nationwide

National Employee Freedom Week poll finds overwhelming support of idea

… op-ed published by The Detroit News this week that … full op-ed in The Detroit News here . Read … more

Lessons from Muskegon Heights School Overhaul

Detroit can benefit from similar reforms

On July 1, a new Detroit school district was … valuable insight as Detroit starts a similar journey. Muskegon … certainly lessons here for Detroit. While the district … more