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Dr. John C. Taylor

Wayne State University

Dr. Taylor is Associate Professor and Director of Supply Chain Management Programs in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and a senior policy analyst for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.  His research has been published in journals such as the Transportation Journal, Journal of Business Logistics, Regulation, the International Journal of Logistics Management, International Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management, and the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management.  Dr. Taylor also serves as Director of the School’s U.S.-Canada Border Policy Instuitute, and as Editor of the Journal of Transportation Management.  He is a past member of the President’s National Commission on Intermodal Transportation and the DOT’s National Motor Carrier Advisory Committee.  Dr. Taylor obtained a Ph.D. in marketing and logistics from Michigan State University in 1991.

From Dr. John C. Taylor

Taking a Toll

Road Funding: Time for a Change

Road Funding: Time for a New Direction

The best option for finding new road money is for the Legislature and governor to get serious about spending a lot less on things in state government that are far less important. … more

Road Reforms Are Critical to Michigan's Infrastructure

Michigan's rough roads need more than money. The governor's plan would use existing funds more effectively, but the proposed gas tax increase should be offset with other tax cuts. … more

On the Roads Again

Michigan's roads are in poor shape and they need money for repairs. Unfortunately, hundreds of millions of Michigan road dollars are diverted to nonroad uses, and are even used to build roads in other states. Cost-saving measures are recommended, along with a call to give roads higher priority without a net tax increase on Michigan citizens. This contains the key points of the Center's comprehensive transportation study, Fixing the Roads. … more

Fixing the Roads: A Blueprint for Michigan Transportation Infrastructure Policy

This comprehensive study is the only one available that documents Michigan's road needs, illuminates the diversion of hundreds of millions of Michigan road dollars to nonroad and non-Michigan use, demonstrates how Michigan can save over $170 million annually, and shows that a gas tax increase is not needed if funding diversions are stopped and modest savings measures are enacted. Several of its recommendations have been implemented. 40 pages. … more