Reflections at Year-End From The Mackinac Center for Public Policy Staff

The holiday season and the end of a year is a time of reflection and introspection. In that regard, I recently asked the Mackinac Center staff three questions:

Which freedoms mean the most to you and why?

What fruits of freedom do you treasure the most and why?

What is it about the work we do at the Mackinac Center that gets you excited, motivated, and passionate?

The answers reveal much about the things our staff members hold dear, especially our institutional commitment to freedom, without which it would not be possible to freely celebrate the holidays as we do in America. I have assembled the answers below. For brevity’s sake, I have added very little narrative and in any event, the comments speak well for themselves.

Visit our "Current Comment" feature again on December 30-January 2 when we post the responses of our staff to the question, "What are your hopes for 2003?"

----Lawrence W. Reed