3. What is it about the work we do at the Mackinac Center that gets you excited, motivated, and passionate?

"Knowing that we are united in vision and governed by the best management principles, and therefore are able to get a huge return for our contributors’ dollars. We’re the best in the business. We just need to get more people to realize what a great investment we are!"

"Being the only organization in the state devoted full-time to liberating workers from the yoke of compulsory unionism because a free labor market means liberty and prosperity for all workers."

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"Reaching teachers by the thousands with the best education reform publication in the business, Michigan Education Report."

"The Mackinac Center is the tip of the sword in a continuing struggle for freedom. We are tying to arouse in others our passion for liberty and our awareness that it must be defended against constant encroachment. The sources of this encroachment are an expanding government and its confiscatory taxation, burgeoning regulations and laws, government agencies with police state-like powers, ideas advanced by people who either haven’t learned that centrally-planned economies and government monopolies don’t work (or who know they don’t but promote them for personal gain). We are the voice for those for those have no voice (such as children trapped in failing schools)."

"As an editor, I derive great satisfaction from being able to apply my perspective and experience to the messages of the Mackinac Center so that they can be understood by what I call ‘the unititiated,’ those who may not be familiar with the terms we use or the ideas we espouse, and need a ‘translator.’ I help make the message intelligible to the average person whose bread and butter isn’t public policy."

"Catching politicians and bureaucrats in moments of grand hypocrisy."

"I appreciate having the opportunity to influence the policies in Michigan for the betterment of all people and society."

"I appreciate the opportunity to help create resources to educate and help people to be more informed citizens and voters."

"I get very excited when I talk about MCPP with others who don’t know what we do. I love to see the 'light-bulb' go on when they realize that not only is there an organization that works to improve public policy, but that the organization holds to the same values and philosophies that they espouse. This is the time when it becomes easy to ask for their support."

"Dissenting against commonly held but incorrect ideals of the status quo in education and our market."

"Maintaining integrity in public concerns through objective reporting in our publications."

"My work at the Mackinac Center enables me to manifest my freedom by permitting me to assist fellow citizens in exercising their legal rights to escape discrimination and harassment in their workplaces based upon their religious observances and practices."

"Helping families who might not otherwise have any advocates obtain the best education possible through school choice."

"Upholding the values and vision that were an original part of the founding of the United States of America, through the promotion of freedom in every form."

"Promoting the value of every individual’s talents and resources as the best way to advance our society to its fullest potential."

"This organization promotes a basic philosophy that came from the beginnings of this country, the freedom of the people to regulate their businesses according to consumer preferences and market conditions. That too much government intervention can oppress the growth of business and limit the entrepreneurial spirit that makes our economy the best in the world."

"First, being around people who value principles and think through the short and long term consequences of actions and policies. Second, sharing these principles, actions and policies with the state, country and world."

"Work at the Mackinac Center is a passion for many of us. It is a sacred trust to be making a difference in this state, this nation and indeed the world. As I see our ‘Seven Principles of Sound Policy’ publication translated into other languages, as I see the amazing numbers of Leadership Conference attendees, from here and abroad, as I see debate students turn on to free market ideas — these are the ways I know there is a different world radiating from Midland, Michigan, USA."

"Being able to reach out to parents, teachers and school officials to educate and assist them on how to improve their schools and improve education for all children in the state and country through school choice."

"Being able to provide students with an economic education and policy background through our annual debate workshops."

"Defending fundamental freedoms through writing, research, and educational events."

"The people involved in the whole process of advancing freedom: from staff to the board of directors to the scholars to the contributors. The goal is very focused; the mission known and understood by all who are involved. Not many organizations can say that."

"The fact that what we do makes a difference and that we can improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens."

"I derive enormous satisfaction from informing the public about the workings of government to promote accountability."

"I feel passionate about enhancing environmental quality by advancing private stewardship and exposing the drawbacks of misguided regulation."

"I am dedicated to protecting technology from government interference that thwarts innovation."

"I am excited and motivated by the intelligence and integrity of my co-workers."

"I left a successful technical industrial career eight years ago to join the Mackinac Center staff. What excites me now about my work at the Mackinac Center is what excited me then. Working to advance freedom is the work I believe God called me to do. It is a worthy calling to help people understand the power of their own God-given freedom, and help them avoid holding government in the high esteem — and placing on it the expectations — that should be reserved for our families, our neighbors, and God Himself."

From all of us at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, happy holidays!