Media Cite Center on Supreme Court Case

SEIU-type dues skim outlawed

Patrick J. Wright, vice president for legal affairs, told The Detroit News that today’s Supreme Court ruling in Harris v. Quinn that outlaws the forced unionization of home-based caregivers in Illinois and several other states is “similar to what we went through in Michigan with the SEIU’s stealth unionization of caregivers and the ensuing dues skim.”

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Wright also told the Detroit Free Press that the ruling “could potentially be helpful in ongoing litigation aimed at returning some of the dues money” skimmed by the SEIU, and he was cited by Fox News on the same issue.

Wright discussed the ruling on “The Frank Beckmann Show” on WJR AM760 just moments after it was released Monday morning and told Michigan Radio that this "settles the issue in Michigan and nationally." He told the MIRS Capitol Capsule that the Center has contended all along that "you can't force a person into a public-sector union simply because a portion of their income is derived from public dollars."

Paul Kersey, labor policy director at the Illinois Policy Institute who formerly held the same position at the Center, wrote about the decision in USA Today.

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