MEA Rehashes 'Report' on Center

18,000-plus articles on the Web is a "hidden agenda." Really?

A rehashed report that is several years old and labeled “updated” from the Michigan Education Association that attempts to paint the Mackinac Center in a negative light has received minimal media interest.

According to The Saginaw News, the report claims the Center has a “hidden agenda.” Media Relations Manager Ted O’Neil pointed out how silly that claim is in light of the fact that the Center has more than 18,000 articles posted online.

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The MEA also raised the question about donor privacy. The teachers union might want to read up on the legal defeat it suffered over the matter nearly a decade ago.

Labor Policy Director F. Vincent Vernuccio also discussed the matter on “Capital City Recap” with host Michael Cohen on WILS AM1320 in Lansing. Vernuccio laughed as he questioned the overall accuracy of the report, noting that he has held his current position since last July, yet the MEA references his predecessor as the person in charge of labor policy.

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