Is the Horseshoer on Strike?

Union employees from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department went on strike to protest a new plan that looks to right-size the entity through contracting and privatization. The workers are all a part of the local AFSCME union.

The department is one of the most inefficient government-run entities in the state. The DWSD currently takes in $715 million per year, but is nearly $6 billion in debt. At the same time, it has nearly twice as many employees per gallons of water as other major cities. A recent independent audit found that the department has 257 different job descriptions.

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One of these job descriptions became famous last month after Michigan Capitol Confidential broke the story of the department having a horseshoer (or "farrier"), but not having any horses.

In sum, the local union is on strike to protect jobs — including jobs that apparently no longer have a purpose — in an entity that is among the most inefficient and in debt in the state.

Government entities should not be a jobs program, especially in a major city facing insolvency and struggling to provide services. Such a mindset ultimately harms all of us through higher taxes, worse services and the “crowding out” of the private sector. A better idea would be to sell or privatize this entity, just like many cities and countries around the world and even here in Michigan have done.