Connecticut School Leaders Propose Bold Reforms

In the recently concluded debate over eliminating artificial limits on the number of Michigan charter public schools, many school district superintendents actively opposed empowering parents with more school choice. So it’s a pleasant surprise to see the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents propose a plan that gives parents more options for their children, including more charters.

The proposal also includes other reforms, such as letting students progress at rates based on subject mastery rather than “seat-time” in each grade. They would also like to see a portion of state funding tied to a school’s ability to meet or exceed individualized student learning outcomes, expanded digital and online learning, and resources made available to students anytime and anywhere.

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Reforms like this are also being sought by a few innovative Michigan school districts, as featured in recent online learning public forums hosted by the Mackinac Center.

Here’s hoping that in 2012 more Michigan public school superintendents abandon their reactionary defense of the creaking status quo, and instead embrace innovative reforms as their Connecticut colleagues have already done.

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