Pontiac receives bids for Silverdome

PONTIAC — The city of Pontiac has received seven proposals for the sale and redevelopment of the Silverdome, according to The Detroit News.

The Silverdome has been largely unused since the Lions left the facility in 2002. The city attempted to sell it in 2005, but most of the bids did not meet the proposal specifications, according to The News. It is up to the city council to decide whether to exclude any of the bidders due to lack of information.

The proposals range from turning the dome into a horse-racing track, a spiritual center or a concert venue. Pontiac officials will decide which bidders will be allowed to make a public presentation. The city council will then decide whether to accept or reject the bids.

For more on Pontiac, see the Michigan Privatization Report edition dedicated to the city and its operations. "Pontiac, Driving (Privatization) Excitement" can be found online at www.mackinac.org/8122.

Reference: The Detroit News, "Silverdome plans disappoint officials," Oct. 20, 2007