These links are for key documents produced during the contracting process in a variety of Michigan school districts, and are provided as a reference source for readers interested in the details of the contracting process. Readers should note, however, that some of the documents are better examples of contracting than others.

Clawson Public Schools — Contract:

Croswell-Lexington Schools — RFP:

Croswell-Lexington Schools — Contract:

East China School District — RFP:

East China School District — Contract:

Gobles Public Schools — Contract:

Grosse Pointe Public Schools — Contract Amendment:

Houghton Lake Community Schools — Contract:

Jackson Public Schools — RFP:

Jackson Public Schools — Contract:

Marcellus Community Schools — Contract:

Monroe Public Schools — RFP, Part 1:

Monroe Public Schools — RFP, Part 2:

Monroe Public Schools — RFP, Part 3:

Monroe Public Schools — Contract:

New Haven Community Schools — RFP:

New Haven Community Schools — Contract:

River Rouge School District — Contract:

State of Michigan Prototype — RFP and Instructions:[lxv] prototype RFP.doc

State of Michigan Prototype — Worksheets: prototype worksheets.xls

U.S. Department of Agriculture Web Site With Food and Nutrition Service Governance Memos:

Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools — RFP:

Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools — Contract:

[lxv] The state of Michigan documents listed here should be used for reference only. Readers interested in obtaining a sample food-service contract should contact the state directly, since the contracts and instructions for food-service contracting are updated regularly in accordance with changes in state and federal regulations.