I would like to thank those who assisted in the research and preparation of this primer:

  • James M. Hohman, Research Assistant, Mackinac Center for Public Policy;

  • Thomas W. Washburne, Director of Labor Policy, Mackinac Center for Public Policy;

  • Patrick J. Wright, Senior Legal Analyst, Mackinac Center for Public Policy;

  • Daniel Himebaugh, Research Fellow, Reason Foundation;

  • Matthew Piccolo, Research Fellow, Reason Foundation;

  • Lisa Snell, Director of Education and Child Welfare, Reason Foundation;

  • Geoff Segal, Director of Government Reform, Reason Foundation;

  • Jim Palm, Assistant Superintendent, Berrien County Intermediate School District;

  • Kenneth May, Principal of South Plainfield High School in New Jersey;

  • Steve Hirano, Associate Publisher, School Bus Fleet;

  • Robin Leeds, National School Transportation Association Industry Specialist;

  • John Markey, Vice President/CEO, Absolute Building Maintenance;

  • Rick Simpson, Regional Sales Director, Chartwells School Dining;

  • Hannah K. Mead, Communications Intern, Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

This primer reflects their invaluable insights and generous assistance. I remain solely responsible for any errors that may remain.