Appendix: Text of flier distributed in Muskegon County, April 2006

Reeths-Puffer Board Boycott

As many of you are aware, the Reeths-Puffer Board voted Monday April 17th to privatize the custodial positions. They will vote to privatize the bus drivers of Reeths-Puffer in May. If we do not make our voices heard as members of this community, the School Boards of Muskegon County will have no cause to dismiss further talks of privatization. We are asking that all residents participate in a county wide boycott of the following businesses:

North Muskegon Meijer Pharmacy (transfer prescriptions on
May 1st)

Walgreens Pharmacy (Sherman Blvd.) (transfer prescriptions on May 1st)

Nolan Insurance Agency (Cancel and transfer policies May 1st)

Chris Kelly Attorney at Law

Any extra services of Verizon (Cancel unnecessary services May 1st)

These businesses employ members of the Reeths-Puffer School Board. These persons voted unanimously to fire workers in the custodial department at Reeths-Puffer (some with decades of service to the district).


·         Most of the school districts that have ratified contracts will have to renegotiate in less than one year.

·         Reeths-Puffer did not vote to privatize to avoid going bankrupt (the school district will make a profit from this).

·         Union officials offered a plan that would save the district $258,000, but the board would not even consider it.

·         The figures presented in the Muskegon Chronicle were not accurate facts.

·         True budget deficit at Reeths Puffer (as of April 10th Board meeting) -$170,000, not $832,000.

·         Additional funding not used in figures for next year’s budget would include more than $350,000 (increase in per pupil funding passed by State Legislature).

·         Other employees (including administration) received raises.

It is time we take a stand and let the school boards across Muskegon County know that privatization does not belong in our public schools!