Lakeshore Expands Contracted Staff

STEVENSVILLE — Lakeshore Public Schools replaced two retiring members of its custodial staff with employees from Enviro-Clean, a cleaning service from Holland.

The move is expected to save the district $50,000 of the $100,000 it had been paying for these services, the St. Joseph Herald Palladium reported.

The district has had to cut its budget in each of last four years. “Our focus is to keep the cost-cutting away from the students,” stated Superintendent Don Frank.

The district has no plans to contract for further employees. This initial contract is seen as a trial run for providing these services. “We’re not tied to this; if it’s working, then that’s fine. If it’s not working, then we’ll hire our own employees,” Frank remarked.

Editor’s Note: This contract was not counted in the 2006 summer privatization survey because the deal was made after its conclusion.