Reed City Schools Avoid Privatization

REED CITY — On April 17, the Reed City Area Public School District approved a smattering of budget cuts through layoffs, transportation cuts and employee buyouts in an effort to balance its fiscal 2007 budget, according to the Cadillac News. The district had entertained proposals to privatize food and custodial services, but those options now appear to be off the table.

Instead, the district will erase its expected $1.6 million deficit by offering severance packages to 11 educators who are willing to leave their jobs. The News reported this will save the district $890,000. The board also eliminated another 11.5 jobs involving teaching assistants, as well as adult alternative education program, high school library, accounts receivable, custodial and secretary positions.

The school board is implementing these cuts while also eliminating two bus routes, instituting a fee for high school and middle school sports programs, and mandating 10 percent cost cutting at each school site in the district.