Troy Can Switch Ambulance Companies When It Wants To

TROY—Why privatize? One reason is so that you can reorganize a service when you think it’s the prudent thing to do. That’s what the city of Troy has done with its ambulance service, firing Southfield-based Community Emergency Medical Service, a company Troy has used for six years, and hiring instead Alliance Mobile Health, based in Rochester Hills.

The Troy City Council voted five to one for the move, which will take effect when Community EMS’s contract runs out on Oct. 1. The change will save the city only $3,000 per year. But saving money isn’t the only reason to switch from one company to another. Councilwoman Cristina Broomfield told the Detroit News that she supported switching ambulance service on the recommendation of those who probably know best: the police and fire departments, who have to work closely with whomever handles medical emergencies.